1.1 Organisation: ASSOCIATION AMRAD DEVELOPMENT EVENTS AHANSAL and organize the Trans-Atlas Marathon (TAM) every year under the high patronage of King Mohammed VI S.M.



The Trans-Atlas Marathon (TAM) is a trail race of about 160 km in 4 stages of 30 to 60 km per day (with about 8,000 +/- meters), semi-self-sufficiency in food. Each competitor carries his / her equipment and food for the day during the race. The route is fully marked and competitors have a road book, the rest of their luggage being transported to the finish of each stage.

A 2nd race called the TRANS ATLAS MARATHON CHALLENGE happening at the same time and covers 80 km in 4 days with about 6,500 m elevation.



Those admitted as a competitor area any adult person (for TAM) and the TAMC the minimum age is 16 years old (accompanied by an adult), of any nationality, meeting the requirements of these rules and holding a medical certificate from his / her doctor attesting to his fitness to participate in the race, as well as an electrocardiogram (ECG). The medical certificate and ECG must have been completed within 30 days preceding the start of the race.



Competitors are requested to kindly take note of the program / itinerary officially announced on the website here.



Checks will be held the day before the start of the race, starting with Zaouiat Ahansal. Competitors must present themselves at checkpoints. They must have completed the administrative and technical conditions provided by the organizers (via the online registration form on the site TAM). Any unsatisfactory inspection may lead to the disqualification of the competitor without reimbursement of expenses incurred.



Competitors TAM / TAMC leave together at each stage; they will have to leave at the time indicated by the organizers. Every night, the time limit to finish the next step will be displayed to competitors on the information board of the camp. Any person crossing the finish line after the deadline will be disqualified from the stage. At the finish of each stage, a time keeper will note the time of stage of each competitor.

The time limits for each step are as follows:

Step 1: Step of between 10 and 15 hours

Step 2: step of between 10 and 15 hours

Step 3: Step of between 10 and 15 hours

Step 4: step between 10 and 15 hours

Step 5: step between 10 and 15 hours

Step 6: step between 10 and 15 hours




The stage may be neutralized if the organizers deem useful for security reasons.



Competitors must imperatively follow the route marked by the organisers, failing which penalties will be incured. The route will be marked by markings in biodegradable paint along the way. Several natural landmarks will serve as additional guidance to prevent competitors from being confused. Each competitor will receive a road book at the start of the trail. This road book will indicate the approximate distances, the terrain, the direction and the features of the course. The loss of road book during the race will result in a penalty.



Checkpoints will be spaced differently during the race, and will be used to tally the runners control cards. There will be multiple control points according to the distance of each stage; they are obligatory check points for each competitor, missing one will incur a penalty. Medical assistance will be present at several checkpoints and will aim to assist, treat and stop any runner in difficulty.



The organisers are responsible for the supply of mineral water to competitors. All competitors are advised to have ’30 minute Micropur’ pellets to treat water sources and rivers at each stage, indicated in the road book. Each competitor (s) will manage his / her own daily ration of 12 liters, based on hours / water distribution locations programmed.



The time of each competitor will be timed in hours, minutes and seconds. Category A: Individual ranking. The stage classification is determined by adding the times achieved and penalties added. The overall ranking is done by adding the times obtained at each stage. Category B: Team ranking. A team consists of minimum three runners. For teams, the stage classification is established by adding the times of each competitor and penalties. The average time is defined by the team. The general classification is established by adding the times recorded by the team at every stage. Any team that finishes with less than 3 competitors will not be taken into account in the overall ranking.



  • In case of abandonment of a competitor, he / she must imperatively notify the nearest checkpoint (it is not advisable to abandon the race anywhere other than these checkpoints (CP), and hand in the runners bib.
  • If you can no longer find the markers the runner must return to the last marker (before being lost) and wait beside the marker. If the phone network permits, call the number of the organization to warn of your position.


  • Competitors may under no circumstances leave the race without informing the organizers and must sign an official discharge provided by the organization. Several solutions are available to participants who drop out of the race:
  • In case of serious medical condition, medical repatriation is organized immediately.
  • Any competitor whose physical condition is satisfactory can choose between 2 options:


  1. being transferred by the organizers every morning from start to finish of the stage by an additional vehicle after paying the difference in price between individual runner ‘and’ accompanying adult / viewer click here for more
  2. Return to Marrakech (entirely at the expense of the runner) after signing a release stating that it he / she agrees to absorb all costs associated with the early departure).



A set number of race numbers will be drawn before the race, which will be subject to verification of equipment on arrival stages.

  • Any verifications that do not meet with these rules will be in punished by time penalty (3 hrs).
  • Any person who has not validated his card at a checkpoint.
  • Lack of mandatory equipment (3 hrs).
  • Tardiness of more than 15 minutes from start of stage (1 hr).
  • Non-compliance of markers and the route of the trail (1 hr).
  • Abandonment of a member of a team of more than 3 competitors (1 hr).
  • Non-compliance with bib and clear visible positioning of the bib (1 hr).
  • NB: No exchange of race number is allowed (Disqualification).
  • Anyone who throws rubbish on the course (Disqualification).
  • Anyone who must be put on a drip (3 hrs).
  • Doping and external help (Disqualification).
  • Abandon (Disqualification).
  • Failure to submit an administrative document during technical inspections (Disqualification).
  • Non-observance of the organizing team (Disqualification).



A medical team chosen by the organizers and made up of doctors and nurses will be on the race. Its mission is to provide medical assistance to the race; it may put off any race (e) competitor (s) it deems unfit to continue the event.



Each competitor must take out obligatory individual repatriation insurance. This insurance is required in case of hospitalization or repatriation. The certificate of insurance must be brought to the race before departure. Each competitor participates in the race with full knowledge of the potential risks that he / she may encounter during the various stages of the race, and release the organizers from any liability in case of physical problem or accident. The organizers strongly recommend to each competitor to take out cancellation insurance.


Cancellation of registration: Cancellations must be made only by e-mail (with return email received by the organization confirming receipt.  We do not accept cancellation by phone or fax. If the competitor cancels their registration for a reason out of their control, then they will be able to benefit from their cancellation insurance.  If a competitor is not covered by cancellation insurance or wishes to cancel their registration for a reason not covered by insurance, the refund of amounts paid at registration has certain conditions, namely:

The registration deposit 300 Euro is entirely non-refundable. The fees of the bank is : 15 EURO.

When the balance payment has already been paid, only 50% of entry will be credited for registration on the TAM of the following year, if not, it will be 50% of total price refundable after the end of the edition (845 EURO).




  • Compulsory equipment:
  • Mobile phone which works in Morocco.
  • A good flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Safety blanket 40 m x 2 m minimum.
  • adhesive elastic band to make a bandage or ‘strapping’ (minimum 100 cm x 6 cm).
  • food reserve for each day, minimum 1000 kcal per day. [Total 6000 Kcal for 6 days [but wearing only food for the day with you].
  • Micropur tablets acting in 30 minutes to treat water sources in case of emergency.
  • Jacket with hood waterproof to withstand the bad weather in the mountains.
  • Trousers or running tights with long legs.
  • warm sweater with long sleeves.
  • waterproof trousers.
  • Backpack or equivalent.
  • warm sleeping bag to sleep for a temperature of 0 ° C.
  • Water bladder / Camelbak 3 liters or equivalent.
  • First aid kit. Minimum: elastic band, antiseptic, bandages, Compeed, small scissors).
  • salt tablets.
  • A minimum amount of € 250 or equivalent (to cover additional transport costs in case of abandonment (see Article 12).


Recommended equipment (non-exhaustive):


  • telescoping poles. If (the) competitor (s) chooses to use telescopic poles, this choice is permanent for all stages. It is then forbidden to leave without telescopic poles.
  • cap, bandana or equivalent.
  • Change of clothes
  • Some string
  • sunscreen
  • Vaseline or anti-overheating / burn cream
  • Sewing kit
  • hiking GPS to stay on the route of the trail and water sources.
  • Warm clothes spare in case of cold or rainy weather or in case of injury.


The competitor carries this material on him  in a backpack on each stage. NB: The baggage for transfer to end of stage must be deposited 1:30 hr before the start of each stage, and must not exceed 20 kg; wheeled suitcases are not recommended. The bag must be waterproof. Luggage storage can be organized on site by the runner at hotel in Marrakech, so they can leave their baggage unnecessary for trail in Marrakech.


Materials provided by the organizers:

  • Road book.
  • GPS Points: waypoints.
  • mattress or Berber carpet to sleep in the tented camp.
  • Food: Competitors must provide their food rations for six days of racing. Each competitor (s) must obligatorily have 1,000 Kcal per race day, either: (1.000 x 6) = 6,000 Kcal for the start of TAM & TAMC. Each competitor (s) will take the start of each stage with a minimum of 1,000 Kcal.





  • Participant the trail: € 1590 per person (not including air transport). Number of participants is limited to 150.
  • Accompanying adult spectator: price: € 1850, the number is limited to 30.
  • single room in Marrakech €
  • Each entry, € 50 are donated to the TAM charity project.
  • Deposit (reservation place) € 300.
  • The balance is payable no later than 45 days before start of the race. If payment is late disqualification can occur.


17.2 This price includes:

  • All transfers mentioned in the program.
  • 2 nights in a 5 * hotel in Marrakech.
  • 7 nights in DP camp.
  • 1 nights in 5 * hotel at Lake Bin al Widane
  • The technical and medical staff.
  • The medal, the shirt on arrival and bib.
  • Liability insurance.


17.3 Non-Inclusive:

  • Meals not mentioned in the program (all noon lunches).
  • Change of program costs in case of abandonment.
  • Flights and cancellation insurance.

NB: AMRAD and AHANSAL EVENTS Association reserve the right to change the rules of the race or the place of the race in case of ‘force majeure’ (weather, armed conflict, invasion of all kinds, etc.), or for any other reasons beyond their control.

17.4 ADMINISTRATIVE FILE: To be completed at the time of registration on the site TAM online.

  • By completing the registration form on our site users acknowledge and accept all terms and conditions of the rules in this document.
  • The information sheet, to complete, date and sign.
  • Registration fees.
  • A photocopy of your passport valid.
  • The certificate of your repatriation / medical insurance.
  • All payments must be made by online payment via website TAM.



  • A blank medical certificate must be downloaded from our website. It must be completed by your doctor clearly stating your physical ability and suitability for this type of physical event.
  • An electrocardiogram dated less than 30 days we will be required and on the day of inspection before leaving for the race. Only originals will be accepted. If you do not submit documents to controls, disqualification may be decided upon without refund of already paid registration fees.



By registering on our website and making any payment to TAM indicates that you agree to all legal requirements in this document. Your payment indicates your acceptance of these conditions.




AHANSAL EVENTS reserve the right TO USE ALL image of the event. No other picture or video project can be envisaged without the agreement of the organizers. Entrants agree, by committing to this race  to allow the organization AHANSAL EVENTS to use their individual or group photos and their name in order to promote all future TAM events without restriction or fee.  The organization AHANSAL EVENTS have full rights to all photography made during any part of the TAM event.



Number bibs will be affixed  by each runner according according to the to the directives of the organizers and sponsor logos will be clearly visible at all times on all runners.



Ranking: Individual Women and Men:

  • 1st prize: trophy and gift voucher for a trekking week in Morocco with AHANSAL EVENTS / Amalou Voyages + free registration on following TAM.
  • 2nd prize: Trophy and free entry to the next TAM.
  • 3rd prize: trophy and credit worth € 500 on towards registration for the next TAM.
  • Ranking: Team and Veterans (40, 50, 60, 70 years)
  • 1st prize: Trophy and credit worth € 600 on next TAM.
  • 2nd prize: trophy and credit worth € 300 on next TAM.
  • 3rd prize: trophy and credit worth € 150 on next TAM.
  • More surprises in the raffle *.
  • Challenge step: premiums to the stage winners, categories Men and Women, from the 1st to the 6th stage: € 200 credited to the next participation in TAM.


* Note: The vouchers are on your next entry TAM and only for the following year.



The organizers reserve the right to change the time or the day of departure, or a part of the course following events beyond their control or for the safety of participants. The organizers reserve the right to change the rules. The riders will be notified and validate changes prior to departure.



Runners release the organisers and medical staff from all responsibility in regards to liability for their medical wellbeing and general safety whilst participating in the race.



The objective of the TAM OF SOLIDARITY PROJECT is to fight poverty, suffering and exclusion of village residents in Morocco.

To contribute to the development and improvement of living conditions and ensure the future of children from disadvantaged backgrounds by:

  • building a second classroom and school health for villages Botyous Zagora.
  • supplying the school with drinking water.
  • Making an ambulance available to residents and nomads of village areas.
  • introducing a medical training day to the attention of the women in the villages crossed by the Trans Atlas Marathon caravan.
  • providing 1000 running shoes to local runners.




Trans Atlas Marathon 2019/2020