The High Atlas is one of the three components of the Atlas mountains of Morocco. This massive mark a  barrier between  oceanic and desert climate, because across the High, the arid spaces of Sahara begin.

Peak and emblematic site of the region, the  Jbel Toubkal is over 4000 meters high, quite visible from Marrakech ! The High Atlas is divided in different geological areas more or less old, and the region’s natural landscapes are rich and varied, between spectacular  reliefs,plateaus and valleys cultivated by the Berbere population, that inhabit these places for thousands of years.

Jbel Toubkal is the highest massif of the High Atlas of Morocco  and North Africa with 4167m. Close to Sahara, 60km South of Marrakech, located in the province of  Al Haouz, in the national park Al Haouz. It has the benefit of exceptional sunlight for most of the year at softened temperatures, what makes hiking enjoyable even in the middle of summer. In winter, it turns into a fantastic  ski touring race.

Saghro massif, in the south of central High Atlas, dominates the rich oases Draa et Dadés. It is a lower volcanic massif (2712 m) but very spectacular: a lunar-like landscape of plateaus, sharpen peaks,….The villages around this massif are relatively few, palm trees appear everywhere, pomegranates, fig and almond trees, in the late winter, offer a magical spectacle. Saghro is also the home of the nomads Ait Atta, famous tribe of southern Morocco, transhumant with their bedouin tents and their herds of goats, you will have the opportunity to meet them.

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